Travertine Crack Repair

Here is a close up of a crack repair we performed using our resin based filler. Cracks are prepped, color match to surrounding stone colors, and finished to same finish as the travertine.
Cracks, like holes can also be repaired successfully. Even difficult spider cracks that have stained over time can disappear with our skilled technicians. If a tile is cracked, or hollow sounding because the tile is loose and not bonded to the sub floor, we can perform epoxy injections to glue and strengthen the bond. We have used this process successively to secure areas where 10 tiles were floating. The epoxy repaired area will be stronger bond than the surrounding install.
This before pictures shows a settlement crack through 3 tiles as well as where the installer likely sanded down a raised tile edge. Raised tile edges can occur with the best installers. Often the installer will sand down the raised travertine edge because it stands out like a sore thumb.

However the consequence in doing so exposes the small voids, air pockets, within the stone body. This then allows soil to get trapped and difficult to remove without professional cleaning.

The solution, as we did with this floor in Orlando, was to grind floor flat and fill the resin based filler, filling the smallest holes, grout lines and cracks. The customer desired a high polish and we delivered.
Small floor cracks such as this one may not be noticed until the crack fills with soil and then is readily noticed. When a small or narrow width crack forms, soil infiltrates and can stain the body of the stone tile from the side inward. The damage area of stone near the crack must be removed, we will often use dremel type tools to remove only what’s necessary before repairing holes.
Travertine floor cracks can detract from the natural beauty of your stone floors. One of many advantages’s of travertine stone floors is the ability to repair and refinish the area to like new condition.
Now you see it, now you don’t. In the right hands, unsightly floor cracks can be a thing of the past. Cleaning, crack preparation and using the correct color and filler material will lead to an invisible repair.
This large crack extended the entire length of the family room and was caused from foundation settlement. The light color of the white Travertine made it really stand out. We filled with a resin based filler and finished the repair flush.
This area has not only cracked, also broken tile pieces have caved in. In this case we injected epoxy adhesive under the broken tile pieces to secure and raise to level close to surrounding stone. The entire area is then honed flat and finished.
This shows crack repair in progress.
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