Travertine Polishing

This travertine floor in Bay Hill had become worn over years, and the owners wanted a makeover. Scratches from foot traffic and pets had worn the finish down even more in high traffic areas. To get rid of the deeper scratches, Clean Image of Orlando used the Italian Klindex Levighetor with the planetary attachment to give the floor a two-step diamond hone. This brings out amazing clarity and enhances the natural colors of many types of travertine. The floor was finished after it was polished with an active polishing compound.
The chairs in this Maitland home were scratching the travertine floor with every day usage, making them appear chalky as time passed. Clean Image of Orlando was able to remove all of the scratches and etch marks with a two-step diamond honing process and a light polish with an active compound. Installing felt pads under your chairs will lesson the chances of scratching up you stone floors.
These homeowners in Magnolia Plantation had just installed wood floors, and felt that they needed to do something with the travertine floor to ‘bring it up to par’ with the new installation. Clean Image of Orlando preformed a two-step diamond honing process to remove deep scratches and restore clarity to the travertine. This process uses the Italian Klindex, which is contained and completely dustless to give the owner peace of mind. Following the honing process, the floor was brought up to the desired level of polish, using an active polishing compound.
This Lake Mary homeowner had problems with scratches and wear on their entry. Clean Image of Orlando preformed a two-step diamond honing process using the Klindex Levighetor and a counter rotating planetary attachment to get rid of the scratches that were causing the travertine floor to look cloudy, and chalky in areas. The owners wanted a shine, so a compound polish was used to bring the travertine back up to a desirable level of polish.
This shows a travertine floor with the factory hone, or what you would get ‘out of the box’ after 2 years. This center of the dinning room floor was protected by the dinning table, so what you see in the before was likely how the installer finished it. It didn’t have enough shine for them so Clean Image of Orlando used a two-step diamond honing process for scratch removal, and getting rid of etches. After that, an active polishing compound was used to polish the travertine.
The main kitchen area is what made this family in Bay Hill realize that their floor was overdue for maintenance. Oils and other materials from cooking, as well as constant foot traffic left this stretch of travertine more worn and soiled than other areas. In order to get rid of the deeper scratches and etches, the floor was honed with diamond resins. Afterwards, it was polished with an active travertine polishing compound.
This exterior travertine front porch in Lake Mary had been weathered for years before Clean Image of Orlando was called in to refinish. The Homeowner desired a high-polish finish.
This Home located in Isleworth with Travertine inlaid with Wood, had lost its shine, become soiled, scratched and had cracking in 4 separate areas. Many shy away due to the proximity to the moisture sensitive wood. Clean Image of Orlando was able to repair all the cracked tiles and grout (see travertine crack repair link), and refinish the Travertine surface to a hi-polish as desired by the homeowner. The results speak for its self.
This was new travertine installed in Keene’s Point Windermere. The installation was very good, with minimal lippage, however the floor overall exhibited a very blotchy or mottled appearance. A cementitious filler material is applied at the factory to fill the natural voids in the stone surface. This travertine filler is applied last and hardens with time.

The owners of this floor wanted a polished appearance to enhance and bring out the natural beauty of the travertine stone tiles. Before the Travertine is polished, a 2-step Diamond abrasive honing and polishing procedure is performed. The advantage with this process is 2 fold. One, it better prepares the travertine surface for better clarity, deeper gloss level (wet look) and a long lasting polish. Two, the diamond abrasives will hone and polish the filler material to a lo-polish to better blend with the hi-polished travertine surface. You may have noticed the concrete flooring in Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, as well as others, is polished, this is the same process.

There are during pictures in this gallery that show the cementitious filler exhibits a higher polish than the travertine stone after the last diamond polishing abrasive. The only caveat for the filler to take a polish is it must be level with the surrounding travertine. If the filler dips below, the diamonds cannot “reach” to finish properly.
The homeowner in this Winter Park home had just had Travertine installed and wanted a polished finish. She was not happy with the results as seen in the before, this area when compared to the other areas done in the same fashion, actually looked good upon first look. The first service used a Crystallizing process to produce this finish. After diligent investigating, the homeowner hired Clean Image of Orlando to come back in and Diamond hone and Active polish to produce a hi-polish that is shown in the after.
When this homeowner in Windermere purchase this new home that set vacant for many years, as many Homeowners will say, the floors don’t look clean. Many Travertine Tiles out of the box have irregularities and flaws in the finished surface of the stone. This will lend to an uneven appearance, or in some cases the floor will look cloudy or dusty. This homeowner decided on a hi-polish finish.
This is what many would call the wet look appearance in the after picture. When properly diamond honed and polished, the floor will look like it is wet.

Often when we finish with this procedure, the customer is hesitant to walk on the floor because they think it is wet. In fact if you poured a small cup of water onto the floor, it is difficult to see the water.

Because the travertine floor is polished optically, as opposed to wax or acrylic sealers on top of the stone, the light actually bounces off the crystals within the stone giving you a depth of gloss. With coating sealers such as waxes and acrylic finishes, the light bounces of the plastic sealer, and you get that plastic appearance.

Also a polished stone floor is much less slippery when wet that a stone floor that a has a topical coating sealer on it.
This floor had some uneven tiles that occasionally the homeowner would catch his toe on. With “tight”, “butt”, or “zero” grout lines, the difference in adjoining tile height’s really stick up and out like a sore thumb. One of the functions of wider grout lines is to conceal any uneven tile heights.

This floor was ground flat, filled with epoxy filler and finished to a hi-polish.
Foyers are usually the main entry in to most homes, and over time centerpiece marble medallions will get worn from day to day abrasion. When you want to impress your visitors, it is nice to have your Marble medallion polished for maximum beauty as designed.

The homeowner also wanted us to fill the holes that opened up and polish the surrounding Travertine as well. The results were spectacular.
This is actually a commercial building and former showroom. The new owner wanted to fix the damage from a rolling office chair and repair the larger holes. He decided on a hi-polish which really brought out the contrast and colors of the travertine.
This a wider view of the newly installed Travertine floor in Windermere we refinished to a hi-polish.
This is a floor we refinished in Windermere where we provided a couple different test polish areas for the new homeowner to decide prior to finishing the entire 4,000 square foot.
The new owners of this home in Winter Park didn’t like the dusty, dirty looking appearance the travertine floor was currently in. They wanted a hi-polish to enhance the natural beauty and provide more of a formal appearance. We performed a 2-step diamond honing to remove surface scratches and wear, and then active polished to a hi-polish.

The pictures shown above were taken by Clean Image of Orlando Inc. technicians and were not downloaded from a picture database, like many others use. All pictures are owned and copyright 2008 Clean Image of Orlando Inc. and may not be used in any way or form without written permission.