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Step #1 Consultation / Evaluation
First, we inspect your stone and perform a number of tests to determine the type of stone. We will inspect the wear patterns and damage to the stone. After reviewing this data, we can restore a sample area for a nominal charge. This will allow us to be very precise in our diagnosis of the problem and give you a snapshot of what your stone surface should look like. We can also determine if your stone should be sealed.

Step #2 Floor Restoration
Through the use of trained stone technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and materials, we will restore your stone surface to its original beauty. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Step #3 Impregnation/Protection
Many stones are susceptible to stains from spills of coffee, soft drinks, soiling from normal foot traffic, oils, and many other things. It can be protected against these stains by the use of an impregnator. An impregnator is an integral part of an ongoing, proactive stone care program. We use only the best, and sometimes most expensive impregnators available on the market. Impregnators facilitate an easier, cost-effective maintenance program for all-natural stone by offering long term protection against stains and dirt penetration.

Step #4 Daily Maintenance Training
Most people use what they consider to be “safe” techniques and chemicals on their stone to care for it on a daily basis. What may be safe for tile or ceramic, can be damaging to natural stone. After we restore your stone surface to its original beauty, we will train you or your cleaning people on how to maintain a restored appearance on a routine basis. We can even leave you with our recommended daily stone cleaner to use.

Step #5 Periodic Follow-Up Floor Restoration
Even after the stone has been restored and impregnated, its new beautiful appearance is not permanent. Proper daily care will greatly extend the beautiful appearance, but on-going foot-traffic and other factors will always be wearing away at the bright, clean appearance. A periodic maintenance program will mean additional expense, but it will ensure a beautiful floor at all times and prevent the need for a complete restoration in the future. After restoration, we can design a periodic floor restoration schedule. The frequency will be determined by both the needs of your specific stone and the appearance level that you would like to maintain.

We are one of the few professional tile companies that specialize in the use of diamond abrasives in the restoration of your stone surfaces. We are proud to serve customers in our community, cleaning Orlando’s tiles and flooring. The use of diamonds in the grinding and honing phase of restoration will give you better clarity and more reflectivity after polishing. We also provide cleaning, sealing, crack/chip repair and stain removal for marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, and all other natural stone surfaces.

Following are the floor restoration services we offer and what they entail:

Grinding – To remove deep scratches and remove lippage (uneven tile edges). Done by machine with diamond abrasive pads and water that creates no dust.

Honing – To remove minor scratches and wear from everyday foot traffic. This process is also done by machine with diamond abrasive pads and water that creates no dust.

Polishing – To give marble or stone the sheen you want, enhance the veining in marble and to protect the marble or stone from everyday traffic and spills. (Utilizing the same compounds that are used in the fabricating process.)

Cleaning Services – To remove dirt, stains, and bacteria and to remove waxes and polymers that have become embedded. We use strong but non-acidic cleaning solutions to help remove build-up while also sanitizing the tiles.

Sealing – To protect and preserve natural stone. (Using penetrating sealers/impregnators.) Your stone floor is porous which means it will readily absorb any spills or liquids. Your floor needs to be sealed in order to protect its natural beauty so it doesn’t absorb spills so easily, leaving stains and discoloration behind. Sealing also acts as a protective barrier against fading due to the sun and other daily wear and tear.

Color Enhancing – The use of penetrating sealers/impregnators formulated to enhance or enrich the color of your stone. We use the right sealers that are suitable for the specific type of stone you have. Choose from vibrant looks or a wet-look finish – we have various color enhancements choices for you. Our sealers aren’t like topical ones that wear off quickly after a short time. We help you achieve a durable stain that is long-lasting.

Stripping – To remove coatings that block stone’s ability to breathe which causes spalling (when the stones crack, pop and shale). Some examples of common coatings are crystallization, janitorial waxes, polyurethane, etc.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing – Dirt loves to hide in grout. Brushes cannot penetrate into the micro pores to get all of the contaminants out. We use a patented system to clean your grout to like it’s brand new and then we seal it to facilitate easier maintenance for the long haul.

Joseph Tauriello

Jacob and Chase were extremely efficient, courteous and professional! They were attentive and meticulous on every detail of the process! I had just had the interior of my home painted and they made sure they put corner guards do as not damage my walls! My tiles look fantastic everywhere in the house! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! Great job and I would recommend them every time!!! Thanks Clean Image for a job well done!!!!

Hester Duck

This is the second time I’ve used the services of clean Image Orlando. A little over a year ago they came out can cleaned my floors and color sealed the grout. This time I had the clean the floors and asked for a quote to fix some hard water damage in my shower. The did both for me the day they came out including fixing a few chips in the tile. I wish I had a before and after photo of the bathroom. It is night and day!
The gentleman who came out and did the work was professional on time and did a great job!

Hester Duck

Vanna Ring

They came out to clean, Polish, and seal our travertine floor. The guys that came out were very professional very friendly and took great care to move our furniture and protect any surfaces they could not move. My floors look amazing. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Best of all they were on time and they always called to give me an ETA. The girls that answer the phone are friendly helpful and very professional. It’s nice to come across the company in this day and age that cares about Customer Service

Vanna Ring

Robert Whitacre

100% recommend this company. They cleaned, fixed, sealed and finished the Spanish tile in our house. The quality of their work was outstanding, but most importantly their professionalism and friendliness was the best I have experienced in a long time. They were quick to answer the phone or return my calls or emails, they kept me updated and most importantly, they were on time and showed up when they said they would be there. I dealt with Rachel at their office who was great. Victor and Michael came to the house to do the work and were also outstanding. It was very nice dealing with this company and I will absolutely use them again in the future.

Robert Whitacre