Marble Restoration Orlando

Restore Your Marble Back To Its Original Beauty

If you’ve made the investment to install a marble floor in your home, you would want to take good care of it to retain that luxurious, shiny look. Marble flooring is a big investment and we understand the work that comes with its maintenance.

As a trusted and qualified marble restoration company in Orlando FL, we have had the honor to help many clients restore and upkeep their marble. Our team of highly qualified technicians make sure your marble receives the care it deserves in order to give it a longer life and keep it looking just like new.

No matter how old or new your marble flooring is, we have the tools, restoration and maintenance skills needed to help you keep your marble in tip top shape. Our professional services are trusted by homeowners all across the Orlando area.

Why Marble Restoration Services?

Natural flooring methods have become much more popular in recent years than they were just a few decades ago. Natural stones like marble, limestone, and granite have appeared in both homes and businesses to give that hint of class and a smooth, luxurious appeal. It’s no wonder why many people are gravitating towards marble these days.

Unfortunately, over time, natural stone will deteriorate and lose a bit of its shine. When you walk across it in all types of weather or even just regular household life, your marble floor will start to look a little lackluster. Don’t worry though. This is normal and definitely treatable.

Rather than an expensive replacement of your marble flooring, it’s entirely possible to restore the marble and have it looking like new again.

Without the use of corrosive liquids or harmful chemicals, our marble restoration services will bring your floor back to life.

Types of Marble Restoration Services

Floor Restoration and Refinishing

You might notice your floor looking dull after a while— maybe only when you move a piece of furniture and see the difference. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to clean that marble, let us restore your polished or matte finish, fix inconsistent finishes, or even change the finish so that you can have a new look without the cost of new tiles.

Polishing and Honing

It’s entirely possible that you have an uneven finish on your marble flooring, or maybe some scratches or etch marks that really just make your tiles look less than elegant. With daily wear and tear, it only makes sense that you’ll end up with a few of these marks. Thankfully, you don’t need to live with them. We’ll come over to smooth out any imperfections and polish out your floors so that you have the original finished look you had when it was first installed.

Uneven Tiles

If you have uneven tiles or pieces of grout sticking out, this can be something that not only destroys the look of your tiles, but it can be a tripping hazard too. Let us grind away the extra stone to make sure that your tiles remain flat. This will make it much easier for you to clean your tiles too.


Let us help you remove the stains on your tiles without damaging the beautiful texture of your marble.

Deep Cleaning

Every now and again, a deep cleaning of your tiles will do your marble flooring a lot of good. Periodic professional cleaning means that you won’t need to do as much in the long term to get your flooring clean.


If you seal your marble floors, they’ll ultimately stay cleaner for longer. That’s something that we can help with to ensure that your stone will be less likely to stain with non-acidic, safe cleaning solutions.


It’s common to notice chips, holes, or cracks in your tiles, but before you sit down to replace those tiles, think about just getting those tiles repaired first. We know how to fix up crack and chips before you spend all that money getting completely new tiles. We also know how to hone and polish the repairs so that it matches your original tile too.


Should you really have some tiles that are genuinely unable to be repaired, we know how to remove single tiles without damaging the surrounding tiles, and how to input a new tile efficiently. We’ll polish up the tiles so that it all matches—soon, you won’t even notice the new tile.

What We Do At Clean Image of Orlando

By using a natural process of the highest quality that does not cause further harm or damage, we restore the shine back to your marble floors. The restoration process is done by our trained and experienced professionals who take pride in restoring your marble back to like-new conditions.

By prepping the area for protection first, no damage will occur to the stone. We then hone the floor to remove previous damage. This takes multiple pass throughs, but does not hurt your marble floor. Once we’ve removed the top damage, it’s time to make it shine! We buff and smooth the marble with a special polishing compound that brings back it’s shine and luster.

After we’ve brought life back to your marble floor, routine maintenance should be all it needs to keep your marble looking nice and pretty.

Why Hire a Professional?

Installing your marble floor was already expensive, so maybe you’re a little hesitant to pay someone to restore it when you could do it yourself. While it is possible to take care of your marble polishing on your own, there are many reasons we recommend hiring a professional.

1. Ensures a Longer Life
When marble is cleaned poorly, it can shorten the lifespan rather than expand it. It takes experience and knowledge to correctly hone and polish marble without damaging it further. Our Clean Image of Orlando professionals have the skills necessary to clean the marble without shortening its lifespan.

2. Increases Property Value
Marble that is well taken care of increases your home or business’s value. A well-maintained marble floor provides a shine and value to your floor that many other locations lack. By allowing a professional to take care of regular maintenance, you ensure that your marble is in the best condition possible and adding to your property instead of taking away from it.

3. Guaranteed Results
Professionals have the skills required to bring out fantastic results every time. They have the confidence and expertise that your floor needs. When you try to restore marble yourself or look for cheaper options, you risk making the problem worse and getting undesirable results


The best way to avoid staining your marble flooring is to wipe up any spills right away. Of course, you can also seal your tiles, and replace your sealant every six to twelve months or so.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely protect your flooring, but periodic cleanings and maintenance can go a long way.

Yes, it’s still important to maintain your marble flooring if you want to prevent any abrasions or discoloration. That will help you avoid any wear and tear over time, not to mention you’ll avoid the need to repair tiles. Since it takes a substantial investment to install your tiles in the first place, it’s best to stay on top of caring for them with periodic cleanings too.

Most of the time, problems with marble flooring come from using harsh cleaners or too much traffic. You should use cleaners that are more natural, or just an untreated mop for periodic wet mopping.

Your marble will keep looking great usually for about six months to a year, but it does depend on the amount of traffic walking through. How well and how often you maintain your floors will make a difference too.

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