Job Case Studies

Grinding exterior travertine, stained from over-feeding large plants/trees

This travertine was not only stained, about 8 tiles were completely lifted from the foundation. Clean Image of Orlando was able to re-bond the floating tile by drilling holes in strategic areas and injecting epoxy underneath the tiles and then weighting the area to re-bond.

The travertine deck was ground flat and then deep cleaned and treated to remove the mold and mildew that was growing in the stone. Then the entire deck was over-filled with a modified cementitious grout, covered with plastic, and allowed to harden.

The next day the excess filler was diamond honed using special rigid diamond so as the filler was removed from the travertine surface without removing it from the holes. As you can see from the picture, it properly fills even the smallest of holes. The process then continues with additional diamond honing until a hi-hone finish was achieved.

We then sealed with an impregnating sealer and final buff. The results were spectacular and the homeowner was thrilled she didn’t have to replace her deck.

Grinding to pitch a limestone deck with a salt water pool

This beautiful custom salt water pool had a “zero edge” return with a surrounding drain. Inevitably the water from the pool would get past the return drain with a simple jump in the pool. The 2nd drain would then catch any overflow.

The problem you can see is the tiles were not pitched correctly and the salt water would sit on the limestone tiles and corrode the tiles. Clean Image of Orlando was hired to grind the area between the 2 drains to allow proper draining of the water.

We removed the top of the drain and using our floor grinders re-pitched the limestone so that it would drain into the outside drain. We refinished the limestone and sealed with Dry Treat SK-40, a consolidating sealer designed to consolidate, strengthen the limestone and resist the pool’s salt from eroding its surface.

Saving a travertine floor after tiles were removed and the slab was stabilized

This home in Orlando had a lot of movement in the foundation causing large cracks in the kitchen and Florida room . Part of the fix was to have tiles removed and concrete pumped under the slab to stabilize the floor.

In doing so, many of the travertine edges were chipped and damaged. Clean Image of Orlando was hired to find replacement tile, install, and grind in place the replacement tiles so as the floor was all one level.

Additionally we also repaired all the damaged tile edges around the missing tile and repaired all the settlement cracks from the original movement.

A white marble flagstone installation with terrazzo grout lines.

Do to settlement of the foundation; a large crack was opened up in the middle of a lake Mary Home. Repairs from another company did not very good at all. It appeared as though they tried to put something on top of the crack.

Clean image of Orlando was able to remove the previous job and correctly repair the crack where you can now see it is hardly visible.

Jason polishing a Onyz threshold with a hand machine. This is what we refer to as “hands and knees” work. The surrounding travertine was refinished to a hi-hone finish, so the Onyx had to be treated with additional work.

Jason can also be seen doing a final buffing on a marble floor with white polishing pad. Mark is diamond honing 2 different marble’s on a staircase.