Orlando Travertine Restoration

Over time, a once beautiful travertine stone can transform from its beauty and elegant state to being dull and damaged. That is why it is important to maintain it properly. With regular care and maintenance, your travertine will stay beautiful. However, if you do start to notice your travertine wearing down with age, this does not necessarily mean that you have to replace it.

Our natural stone restoration care services can restore your travertine to its original glory and help it look new again.

Travertine Tile Cleaning Solutions

Deep Clean: Grime, mold or deep stains could have embedded themselves deep in your travertine floor over time. Etching is also common with travertine; they’re the pale marks left by spillages and they go on to cause discoloration in the tile. We use a special deep-cleaning formula and process to remove the dirt from the etching so it will be less noticeable. The cleaning service will also leave a protecting film over the stone for that extra protection against dirt and dust. We do also offer diamond honing and refinishing that can added as a service to remove most etching.

High Polish: Your travertine floor might look dull with all the dirt and build-up. Our high polish solution will save your flooring from needing replacement and regain its original sheen. Polishing travertine floors require the right expertise, equipment, tools, and technique. We always start by examining the surface before deciding on the right procedure. Our high polish will also help to remove imperfections on the surface such as light scratches, dull spots, and other daily forms of wear and tear. We can also achieve a polish that you prefer – whether it is a luxurious high gloss or a polish that resembles glass.

Satin Finish: This is also known as high hone and it depends on diamond refinishing for that ultimate shine. Many customers prefer a satin finish, thanks to the fact that scratches don’t show up as obviously with this finish.

Travertine Repair Solutions

Holes: One of the most common travertine issues is unnatural holes becoming exposed. Holes run naturally through a travertine floor, and these holes are typically called filled or unfilled. One common restoration repair is filling in the travertine holes, which will give the floor a smooth finish while revealing its natural beauty. These holes are unique in travertine and our service can help strengthen the stone.

Pavers: We also deal with travertine paver repair such as cracked pavers, shifting and uneven pavers. Your pavers might also be fading, especially if they are constantly in the sunlight by the swimming pool, for example. We have a sealing process to help restore your travertine pavers.

Crack Repair: Uneven fitting, issues within the tile itself or heat can cause cracks in your travertine. In some cases, movement in the foundations can even cause a whole row of tiles to be cracked together. Besides being unsightly, these cracks can cause dust and dirt to accumulate. We help you fill the cracks with a filler. You can even pick any filler with the right color or polish to match your travertine floor.