5 Ways to Reduce Your Limestone Wear and Tear

Limestone flooring is gorgeous no matter where you use it in your house. Whether you want it as tiling in your bathroom or you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen flooring, limestone is absolutely beautiful so long as it’s well taken care of.

The one downside to limestone flooring is that it’s a relatively delicate material that will quickly show wear and tear if you don’t care for it. Fortunately, with a little extra effort, you can keep your limestone looking beautiful and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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  1. Seal your limestone

The first and best way to reduce wear and tear is to seal your limestone flooring as soon as you have it installed. You can seal it later, but whatever damage has already been sustained will not be fixed. Sealing the limestone will prevent damage from worsening, but it cannot fix existing damage.

If you haven’t already sealed your limestone, you should get that done immediately. Professional sealing will protect your limestone and help it last longer. With our professional sealing services, you can rest assured that your limestone flooring is getting expert care and is at less risk of damage than if you attempt to do it on your own.

  1. Mop and Clean the Limestone

You may be tempted not to put any form of chemical or cleaning solution on your limestone, but it’s essential to routinely clean your flooring to protect it against dirt, dust, and debris. If you aren’t routinely sweeping, mopping, and cleaning your limestone, harmful debris and bacteria may build up and cause damage to the stone.

When choosing a cleaning solution, ensure it is safe for your flooring. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or bleach, or you may end up causing further damage to your flooring.

  1. Vacuuming Regularly

One quick and easy way to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your limestone is by vacuuming. If you don’t like mopping, you can get away with vacuuming your flooring now and then instead. Of course, you’ll still have to mop and clean the limestone, but vacuuming it as well will help prevent wear and tear as well. 

When you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning of your floors, a quick vacuum can remove dirt that may be walked on and scraped across your limestone.

  1. Spot Cleaning

Spills and stains can ruin the look of your limestone, but spot cleaning and immediate stain removal can help lessen the impact of spills. Whether you watch something spill and act immediately or you stumble across the stain later on, cleaning it as soon as possible lessens the damage that is done.

  1. Steaming your Limestone

Something you may not think about is steaming your limestone. The heat and steam help break up debris and tough stains. Steaming can help remove even the most stubborn stains without damaging your stone by scrubbing it with harsh chemicals.

Steaming your limestone should only be done by professionals like us so that it isn’t damaged. While you may be familiar with a clothing steamer, the steamers used on limestone are very different and require special knowledge to operate them without harming your stone.


Limestone flooring is a significant investment, so it’s only natural to want to preserve your stone and keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible. You will need to schedule routine maintenance and care for it as you would with other types of flooring, but you don’t need to make any major changes to reduce wear and tear. 

There are some things you can do at home to reduce wear and tear such as vacuuming, moping, and cleaning your flooring regularly. However, you will need to call a professional like us to seal and steam your floors if you really want to protect them from wear and tear.