Can I Prevent Damaging My Travertine Pavers by Sealing Them?

Travertine is a beautiful stone that can fit elegantly into nearly any décor scheme. At the same time, it’s durable enough to surround a pool or make up a walkway. One significant concern homeowners with travertine flooring have, though, is how to maintain them and prevent damage. 

Rather than letting your pavers become chipped or moldy, sealing can indeed grant a layer of protection to your travertine pavers, preventing damage through the years.

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Can I Prevent Damaging My Travertine Pavers by Sealing Them?

Yes, sealing your travertine pavers can help prevent damage, especially damage that occurs due to weather elements. Most homeowners do indeed seal their pavers, not only to prevent damage but to brighten their color and make them look more vibrant. 

Weather Protection

Your pavers are outside and constantly exposed to the weather. Water can seep into the stone and turn into mud, which then turns into cracks in the stone.

The point of sealing your stone is to prevent all the dust, water, and mud from seeping into the stone and causing problems.

Mold and Mildew

Remember: travertine is a porous stone. This means there are a lot of little holes in it that can fill with moisture and stay damp, creating the right conditions for mold and algae to grow.

Sealing your travertine pavers will prevent this from happening by keeping that water out. Of course, you still need to keep the stone relatively clean, but sealing will help a lot.

Stain Prevention

Those porous spots in the travertine can not only lead to mold and mildew inside but can draw in liquids over time. This means that wine stains can sink into your stone and discolor it.

Note that even if you seal your stone, you should still wipe up any spills right away, but sealing can go a long way in preventing stains.


Sealing your stones can keep them more stable too. The sealant seeps into and fills the joints to prevent the pavers from becoming loose or wobbly over time. This added stabilization also helps prevent any weeds or mold from growing in those joints.

Color Protection

Beyond the physical stability of your pavers, you can also preserve your travertine’s color. Sealing them prevents the color from fading and brings out the natural beauty of the stone.

If you look at some pictures of travertine before and after sealing, you can see that the sealant creates a vibrant, shining look. It will look glossy and clean without fading over time. Especially if you have the pavers around a pool with salt and chlorine, this is key to preventing a washed out look.


Sealing your travertine pavers goes a long way. Not only do you protect your travertine pavers from water damage, but you can prevent structural problems that might occur otherwise. You can even enhance the colors of the stone as well. Call us today to ask more about the sealing process and rely on us to get it done right!