Can I Restore My Limestone With Store Bought Products?

Attempting to repair and restore parts of your home by yourself may help you feel productive, but it may not always yield the best results. When it comes to delicate limestone repair in Orlando, for example, it is best to leave this complex and intricate project to experts like us. 

Is It Possible to Restore Limestone With Products From the Store?

While restoring limestone may be possible with store-bought products, the end result may not be what you exactly want. As professionals, we know the exact process of restoring limestone and what we need. We also understand the characteristics of limestone, so we don’t cause any damage. 

The fact is that limestone is a sensitive material to work with, and if you are inexperienced, you might end up damaging your stone and spending more money repairing it.

Characteristics of Limestone

Limestone is a delicate natural stone that requires an expert amount of understanding to work with. Used in the construction of hospitals, restaurants, and many other types of buildings, it is a popular choice, thanks to its ability to retain heat. It’s the perfect material to use for hotter areas, and it also gives off an earthy and natural vibe as far as appearances go.

Natural stones like limestones are gathered from the earth’s crust and can be formed by heat and pressure. Over time, it’s possible for stone materials to become damaged, stained, and lose their original quality. Limestone will need to be polished, sealed, cleaned, and repaired properly to stay in optimal condition.

Why DIY Is Not Recommended

Like any other DIY project around your home, there’s always the risk of not getting the job done right.

For one, you could actually end up wasting more time and money as you have to purchase the right equipment and products. At best, you might not reach the desired results by doing the project yourself. However, at the worst, you could permanently damage the limestone, ruining its overall appearance and quality.

Sealing the limestone is a delicate process that takes expert care and attention. You will need to know how much area you are trying to cover, remove pre-existing sealers, and clean the area of dirt and debris before you start sealing. This is a time and energy-consuming task that is best left to experts. We know what we are working with and will prevent dirt from getting sealed into the stone. 

Hire a Professional

Leaving the job to professionals like us means you can rest assured that the job will get done effectively the first time around. We start by scanning the area carefully so we don’t miss out on any flaws. With our years of experience, we know just how to assess the size of the area, types, and sizes of cracks and chips, missing or damaged grout, and various other factors before starting the restoration.


It’s essential for limestone to receive professional care so it can retain its quality and be protected from damage and deterioration. Every natural stone is not the same and has its own requirements for care. 

Ultimately, there’s a lot that goes into restoring limestone and the expertise required for an excellent job done should not be underestimated. Our experts use specialized equipment in our natural stone restoration work, and you can rest easy knowing we will get the job done right.