Can Limestone Restoration Renew Its Original Luster?

Limestone flooring is elegant, timeless, and will look exquisite for years to come if it’s well taken care of. Over time, it will need regular care and maintenance, but if your limestone starts to dull or look worn and old, it can be discouraging. This is where limestone restoration services in Central Florida come into the picture to help renew its original luster.

Can Limestone Restoration Renew Its Original Luster?

Restoration can do wonders to renew your limestone’s original luster. Through a variety of restoration techniques, professionals can remove dirt and reduce signs of wear and tear, bringing your limestone back to its original glory.

When it comes to renewing the original luster of your limestone, our restoration tactics can remove stains, scratches, chips, and other imperfections that may occur over time. In addition, the tools used will help reduce dullness and let your floors shine once again.

Restoration can counteract the majority of common issues that occur with time. Whether the color has started to fade or tiles have been cracked or discolored, our restoration professionals are able to tackle these issues so that your limestone can continue to look great for many more years.

How Is Limestone Restored?

Professionals like us use various industrial equipment and proven methods for repairing and restoring limestone. It will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and what type of work is needed, but our technicians have the tools and knowledge necessary to restore your limestone.

The first step in restoring limestone is to remove loose areas so that they can be replaced with new limestone. This is referred to as the build-up process and involves mixing crushed limestone with a mix similar to mortar. The mixture is then applied to the area and made to fit the original shape of the limestone.

Professionals will color-match the build-up to the original limestone so that the integration is seamless. Once dried and perfected, a seal is applied so that the new limestone is well protected against cracks, spills, and other hazards.

If the limestone does not need to be built up but could use polishing, then our technicians will use a commercial grade polisher to polish and shine the limestone. They may also apply a new sealant, further increasing shine and luster while also protecting the restored limestone from future damage.

Ultimately, your limestone will be in good hands if you hire restoration experts like us. We have all the experience and relevant knowledge on how to repair your limestone without causing further damage to it. Never use DIY products off the shelf to attempt to restore your limestone, as you can accidentally damage your delicate limestone.


Restoring your limestone is a great way to protect your investment and be able to continue enjoying it. With limestone restoration, your tiles will look like new again, but at a fraction of the cost. Rather than replace or remove your limestone entirely, choose to restore it, and you’ll be able to enjoy that new-limestone shine once again.