How Do I Care For My Newly Installed Limestone?

You’ll probably admire your new limestone flooring every time you glance down during those first few days after the installation. However, it’s crucial to understand that if you don’t take care of it, it will quickly start to deteriorate and fade, making it necessary to repair your limestone flooring.

The best time to care for your limestone is when it’s been newly installed. It looks the nicest it ever will, and so you’ll want to preserve it. To ensure your limestone looks beautiful for years to come, here are a few ways to care for it.

How to Care for My Newly Installed Limestone

Have It Sealed

Before anything else, you should have a professional seal your limestone. This will ensure that the stone doesn’t sustain any water damage or suffer from stains, dirt, or dust, as the sealant will act as a barrier between your limestone and everything else.

Many people try to seal their limestone themselves, but this is not recommended. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and when done incorrectly, sealing your limestone can actually damage it rather than protect it. To avoid accidentally damaging your new flooring, it’s best to call in a professional who can take care of your limestone quickly and efficiently.

Sweep or Vacuum Regularly

Every day, dirt, dust, and other debris will be tracked into your home and over your limestone. If left there, it can scratch and damage the top of your stone. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to avoid if you’re willing to add an extra chore to your list.

Sweeping or vacuuming debris can help prevent it from building up and causing lasting damage. Even if your limestone has been sealed, surface debris can leave your limestone looking dull and can wear down the sealant faster than you expect, leaving your limestone prone to damage.


When it comes to mopping, you need to be careful about what cleaner you use. Limestone is delicate, and even with a sealant, you should choose the cleaner carefully. You should be able to find natural stone cleaners in the supermarket that are gentle enough for your limestone. Always follow the directions for the best results.

Mopping doesn’t need to be done every day, but for the best results, you should try and keep up with it once every one or two weeks. As long as you continue to regularly sweep or vacuum, you should be able to get away with mopping less frequently, but don’t forget about it.

Tackle Stains Quickly

Limestone is a light-colored stone which means that most stains will be glaringly obvious. Aside from the obvious fact that stains don’t look nice, they can also harm your limestone and shorten its lifespan.

To help your limestone last as long as possible, make sure to take care of stains as soon as you notice them. The quicker you act, the less damage the stain will do to your stone. Even with a sealant, stains can be hard to get rid of if you don’t act quickly enough.


Limestone flooring is an investment of both time and money. To make sure it looks good and lasts for as many years as possible, you’ll need to take the time to care for it and ensure it’s well protected from any possible damage. By sealing your limestone and following a regular care routine, you’ll be able to do just that! Call us today if you need any more limestone advice, and get us to seal your limestone if you haven’t done so.