How Often Should You Have Your Marble Floors Polished?

There’s nothing quite like the luxury of having beautiful marble floors beneath your feet. Flooring is the basis of your entire home, after all, so having good flooring really makes a difference. 

You do need to take good care of your flooring. For marble flooring, this means polishing it, although most people are a little unsure about how to take care of it properly and when they should get Orlando marble floor polishing again.

How Often Should You Have Your Marble Floors Polished?

Traffic and Usage

If your marble is in a room that gets a lot of usage, you’ll need to polish your floors more often. This is because dirt, sand, and anything else can be tracked in so easily. You’ll need to clean these from the flooring regularly, and polish more often. 

Type of Marble

There are different types of marble which require different amounts of cleaning. Softer marble needs more frequent cleaning, if only because it’s more likely to scratch and may lose its shine more quickly.

Marble Stains

Take a look at the stains on your flooring. How often you clean your marble is partly determined by the type of stains that you have. So, if you notice some scratches for instance, it’s important to handle those quickly. Some stains can become permanent as well, so it’s important to mop them up quickly.

Interim Cleaning

Your floor will stay in better condition longer if you clean it in between polishings. Using a mop might keep your floor looking clean in the short term before you polish it.

How Long Do Marble Floors Shine?

So, how long will your floors shine for? If you have your floors newly installed, you can go two or three years without needing to get them polished again. For marble that’s installed in low-traffic areas, it might be longer in between polishings.

For the most part, you can let your floors go for about a year or up to three years in between polishings if you want it to last for the full 25 years. You can also get your marble floors sealed too if you want to better preserve the shine and prevent scratches in the long run. Sealing your floors will prevent dirt from getting into the pores of the stone and staining it.

If you want to better maintain your floors as well, and if you have a lot of flooring to cover, you might want to use a floor buffer. A buffer will help the floor shine for longer, and will add to the time in between you need to re-seal the flooring. This will also get out small nicks and scratches.  


It’s important to keep your marble flooring looking polished and luxurious for as long as you can. That means polishing it up to remove those scratches and get the shine back about once every 1-3 years. With cleanings in between and maybe a buffer, you can keep your marble looking great for as long as 25 years—just make sure that you call a professional to make sure that your cleanings are done right.