How to Restore Your Marble Floors. Our Professional Polishing and Restoration Process.

Marble flooring is beautiful yet it’s a considerable investment. It takes time and money to install it and keep it well maintained so that it retains its elegance. If your marble floor is neglected, it could require Orlando marble restoration in the future.

How do you restore your marble floor? There are some guidelines you have to follow in order not to damage your flooring any further. 

How to Restore Your Marble Floors

  1. Get the Right Supplies

In order to effectively restore your flooring, you’ll have to spend some time searching for the right cleaning supplies. You’ll need a detergent, a soft rag, polish, and marble sealant. The difficult part is making sure none of the cleaners you use will damage your marble further. 

  1. Do A Quick Clean

Before you can really get to restoring your marble, you’ll want to do a quick sweep and clean. Use a mild detergent that you know won’t cause any harm to your marble and focus on small stains first. 

If you’re unsure whether or not the detergent will harm your flooring, test it out in a small area that won’t be noticed.

While you’re doing your first initial clean, make sure to use a soft rag. A hard brush will scratch the floor whereas a soft rag will gently lift away dirt and stains.

  1. Apply Poultice

To help further remove stains, use poultice. Apply a bit of poultice to the stained area then gently cover it in plastic wrap. This will take some time as you’ll need to let the poultice sit over the stain anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Don’t be tempted to skip this step and move on the polishing. If you do, you’ll only seal in the stain and make it impossible to remove in the future. 

  1. Use Polish

Once you’ve removed the poultice and gotten rid of all the stains, use your polish and work in small areas at a time. Be careful not to apply too much polish all at once and instead add little by little.

  1. Apply Sealant

After the polish has dried, it’s time to apply the sealant. Evenly spray the sealant over your marble flooring and let it sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off. If you let the sealant dry completely, it will leave streaks across your floor, so you’ll want to wipe it off before then.

Our Professional Restoration Process

Restoring marble isn’t a simple DIY job. After all, your marble floor was a big investment and you certainly don’t want to accidentally damage it. If you’re not confident about restoring your marble floor yourself, it’s time to give us a call.

Our marble flooring cleaning experts have access to quality, professional cleaning and restoration equipment that can restore your flooring without damaging it. After our professional restoration process, even scratched and dulled floors will be smooth and shiny like new.

With our technicians’ experience and eye for detail, your marble flooring is in good hands during the entire process. We use non-acidic cleaning solutions and specially designed pads that clean away dirt and grime without leaving scratches. What’s more, our team will never use wax or false products to create a damaging false shine.

We take great pride in our work and ensuring that your marble floors are safely polished and restored. By choosing only the most trustworthy cleaning products and equipment, we can get your marble floor back to looking new again.

Thanks to tried and true methods as well as professional experience, we provide effective and impressive outcomes every time.