Is It Ever Too Late to Consider a Limestone Restoration?

Limestone is beautiful when first installed, but it will need repairs and restoration over time. Unfortunately, due to the additional cost of restoration, many people wait as long as possible before they hire limestone restoration professionals to repair or restore their once-beautiful limestone. While there is never a moment that’s “too late” for restoration, waiting will certainly only make the restoration more difficult and costly.

Why Shouldn’t You Wait To Restore Your Limestone?

Eventually, your limestone will need to be restored or repaired, but you shouldn’t put this off. Once you realize that your limestone needs to be restored, you must act as quickly as possible. Any delays will only worsen the issues and lead to more expensive and complex repairs.

It’s true the limestone restoration will not be cheap, but waiting longer will only increase the cost. It won’t save you money. Additionally, the longer you wait to hire professional restoration services, the more problems your limestone will face and the more damage it will sustain.

What Can Happen if You Wait?


Even if your limestone isn’t outdoors, it will still erode over time. Whether it’s around your pool, in your bathroom, or somewhere else in your home, it’s constantly exposed to elements that will lead to erosion. Dirt will grind away at the beautiful stone, and water will create grooves and marks as it slowly carves away at the stone.

Weathering and Fading

If your limestone is outdoors or in an area exposed to sunlight, it will experience weathering and fading. The sunlight will dull your stone and make it lose its appeal. As storms roll through, your limestone will take a beating and begin to decay and show signs of weathering. Even with routine care and maintenance, weathering is inevitable.


Nobody thinks about it, but limestone can stain rather easily. When you spill juice or wine on the stone, the dye will sink in and leave behind stains and marks. The longer these stains are left sitting, the more difficult and costly they will be to remove. Eventually, they may be embedded so deep in your limestone that they cannot be fully removed.

Chipping and Crumbling

Limestone is fragile and needs care, but it can still be chipped even with careful attention. Unfortunately, once part of your limestone chips or cracks, it’s only a matter of time before the stone begins to crumble and gets out of control. The longer you wait to restore chipping and crumbling, the longer you’ll need to allow your limestone to recover and the more money you’ll spend.

Is It Ever Too Late to Consider a Limestone Restoration?

Despite the many issues that your limestone may face over time, it’s never too late to schedule a restoration. Our restoration experts have all the equipment necessary to perform major restorations, but it will cost more if you wait longer and cause the issues to worsen.

In some extreme cases, your limestone may need to be replaced. While you will likely arrange to have your limestone restored before this point, you should be aware that this is a possibility. 

Call Clean Image of Orlando For Limestone Restoration

Limestone is a beautiful addition to your home, but it does need regular care. Eventually, it will likely need to be restored, and acting sooner rather than later will save you time and money. If you think your limestone could use restoration services, contact our local restoration company today before your limestone continues to deteriorate further.