Why Should I Choose Clean Image to Seal All My Travertine?

If you’re looking for a reliable company to seal and protect your travertine pavers, then you’ve likely discovered that the choice isn’t always as simple as you think. With various companies making all sorts of claims and trying to get your attention with enticing but dubious offers, it’s time your travertine gets looked after by a reputable, local company that actually cares about its customers.

Looking for travertine paver cleaning in Orlando?

Why Choose Clean Image to Seal Your Travertine?

We’ve been sealing travertine pavers for years and have all the necessary training to know how to best apply the sealant and protect your travertine. We only use the highest quality materials and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we’re more than willing to share our success stories from previous customers to help ease your fears!

Honest, Expert Advice

Travertine needs to be sealed regularly, and not every company will be honest about the timeline. Some companies may not even offer an estimate for when your pavers will need to be resealed! Here at Clean Image, honesty and integrity are important to us. We would rather maintain a positive reputation in the community and serve our customers honestly.

We carefully inspect your travertine pavers with every job and provide you with an accurate estimate for when your pavers will need to be sealed again. We even show you what to look for so you can arrange for your pavers to be resealed before any damage occurs. 

Expertise You Can Trust

Some sealants contain harmful chemicals or can be damaging to your pavers if not applied professionally. Amateur sealers won’t know the best application methods, and DIY attempts can lead to damage.

With our years of professional experience and extensive knowledge of the best travertine sealants, we know the best methods for applying sealants and ensuring that they dry evenly. We can even recommend different types of sealant depending on how glossy or matte you want the sealant to be and whether your travertine pavers are indoors or outdoors.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our teams put a focus on safety, both yours and ours. Our professional sealers wear protective materials such as gloves and masks during the application to reduce the risk of health hazards or injury.

Once the sealant is applied, we’ll give you instructions for how to protect yourself and your family from the chemicals as they dry, such as opening windows and increasing airflow to the area. 


We understand that not everyone can afford the same type of sealant, and we’re willing to work with you to find a solution you can afford and be happy with. Unlike other companies that may charge too much for a cheap sealant, we offer a selection of high-quality sealants at varying prices to meet your budget needs. 

Customer Satisfaction

We want you to enjoy your travertine which is why we work extra hard to make sure you’re pleased with the result of your sealant. If you ever aren’t satisfied, we’ll work with you to come to a solution you’re happy with, whether this is returning to clean and polish the travertine or something else.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Before, during, and after we come to seal your travertine, our customer support team is always around to answer any questions or dissuade any concerns that you may have.


Sealing your travertine is an essential step in ensuring that it stays beautiful and doesn’t wear down too quickly. Although travertine is a very beautiful stone, it is porous and won’t withstand the elements on its own. Rather than choosing any sealing company, though, choose Clean Image and you can be confident that your travertine will be well protected.