5 Natural Ways to Clean Your Tile Floors

Cleaning your home is always a taxing and time consuming task. From dusting bookshelves and ceiling fans, to scrubbing the floors- it’s a top to bottom job that requires a lot of elbow grease and determination. Cleaning the grout between tile floors is even more back-breaking, especially if you want a deep clean.

There are inexpensive and natural ways to help make cleaning day go by easier, and less toxic than with chemical cleaners. Keep reading for some natural ideas to clean your tile floors.

Castile Soap With Water

Great for pretty much all kinds of flooring, use some castile soap and add warm water to create your own natural DIY floor cleaner. Castile soap is easy to get your hands on; simply buy it from any grocery store or you might already have some at home. The best thing about castile soap? You get to choose from dozens of pleasant scents for your home. With castile soap, remember that all you need is just a tiny bit to create your cleaning solution.

Borax With Water

Similar to castile soap, borax is a common household cleaning product that you probably already have at home. Again, all you need to do is add some water to create your natural, effective and affordable solution. Take note to use warm water as you need to try to dissolve the Borax granules for the best results. After cleaning your floor with the solution, it’s advisable to rinse the floor to remove all traces of it.

Baking Soda Pastes & Scrubs

Baking soda is another natural powerhouse cleaner that is used everywhere. Baking, removing stains from clothing and fabrics, freshening up carpets, it does a lot of work for you.
Baking soda naturally lifts away set in stains and whitens the grout.

Use an equal mixture of baking soda and water and apply liberally onto the grout. For best results, let the mixture sit overnight, while everyone is asleep in bed, and scrub well with a bristled brush in the morning. Then just wash it off with warm water and dry your floors with a dry mop.

Essential Oils Clean & Deter Pests

Essential oils are a great way to clean, freshen, and build an invisible barrier that will deter ants and mice from invading your home and becoming unwelcome guests. It’s safe for pets and small children, while adding a level of freshness to your home that will last for hours.

Mix together vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol and some dish soap, adding just a few drops of your favorite essential oil and clean away!

Bye, Bye Mold

Because bathrooms and powder rooms are notorious for staying moist and damp, they become the perfect breeding grounds for nasty little mold spores to thrive in. Eliminating the growing colonies of mold and mildew can be a challenge, but there’s a safe and more natural way to battle that pesky mold.

Combine equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda. The acidity from the lemon juice will kill off the spores, while the baking soda will clean the grout to be sparkly clean and white while pulling any excess moisture from the grout, preventing mold from regrowing.

DIY Cleaning Solutions Only Go So Far

While all of these natural and chemical free ways of cleaning your tile floors are great, there will be some circumstances where you will need to hire a professional to come in with the heavy duty stuff to get rid of the worst set-in stains. Unfortunately, these natural solutions can’t handle all situations by themselves.

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Call a Pro for Routine Deep Cleaning & Restorations

Restoring floors like hardwoods and ceramic tile is not a DIY task, as it takes certain chemicals, tools, and a lot of time and know-how to get it done right. Hiring a professional tile cleaning Orlando company like us to come in, restore and deep clean your floors is a good investment that will help prolong the life of your floors.