Why Choose Professional Installation for Your Pavers?

Pavers have become an extremely popular option in recent years, thanks to their durability and design varieties. However, professional installation is critical for pavers as improper installation can lead to issues like shifting and cracking over time.

While it may be tempting for homeowners to try and install their own pavers to save money, there are several key reasons why it’s better to hire a professional paver company. Professional paver installers have extensive experience laying out pavers with consistent spacing, leveling the base layer, compacting the material, and installing necessary edge restraints. They understand the techniques needed to create a surface that will endure weather, foot or vehicle traffic, and last over the years. There’s no doubt that hiring a professional paver provides homeowners with a quality, long-lasting job as compared to a DIY job.

Reasons to Hire Professional Paver Installers

Quality Workmanship

As professional paver installers, we’ve had years of experience properly laying out pavers. Maintaining the right spacing is important for achieving an orderly, professional-looking appearance. Leveling and compacting the base correctly also helps prevent issues like unevenness, cracking, or stones shifting over time.

Our installers also have experience installing necessary edge restraints, which will significantly improve your pavers’ long-term durability. Edge restraints, such as concrete curbing, are installed along the perimeter of the paver area to contain the stones and prevent movement that could lead to gaps.

Additionally, our paver company also has expertise in custom design work. We can help create unique patterns tailored to your property and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s a complex curve or an intricate pattern, our workmanship ensures that even the most elaborate designs will have a long lifespan.

Save Time

Taking on a paver installation as a DIY project requires a huge time investment from homeowners. Tasks like excavation, laying down the gravel base, leveling it, and properly spacing and setting each individual paver stone are extremely laborious.

Paver installation companies like us, on the other hand, are significantly more efficient, thanks to our experience and expertise. With specialized tools and trained crews working together, we’ll get the job completed efficiently, so homeowners like yourself can spend time on other priorities rather than a drawn-out paving project.

By hiring an installer, the job can likely be finished within just a few days versus weeks of after-work and weekend efforts it would take most homeowners. Overall, the time savings of a professional installation cannot be overstated for busy households.


When you hire a professional paver company, they’ll provide a warranty covering their workmanship and the materials used. For example, they may guarantee the pavers, setting bed materials, and edge restraints for a few years if installed by their crews. This provides homeowners with protection if any defects arise from the installation process itself.

If issues do come up within the warranty period, such as stones cracking or shifting, the paver company is responsible for repairs or replacements. For a DIY project, however, there’s no warranty protection for the work or materials. Homeowners would have to pay out of pocket for any repairs down the road if problems surfaced from their own installation methods.

Without a warranty, homeowners also risk investing significant time and money on a paver project that will probably require replacement sooner than expected due to installation mistakes. The peace of mind from a professional warranty ensures your investment lasts as long as it should.

Bring Your Patio or Walkway Vision to Life Through Professionally Installed Pavers

When you hire professional installers, you can be confident that your pavers will be laid correctly from the start, with proper spacing, leveling, and compaction techniques for long-lasting quality.

Rather than spending many hours on the installation yourself, be on the lookout for valued professional installers. If you don’t have any in mind, we can help direct you to some.